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Hi, my name is Úna and I am an accredited Celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants.

I am from Dublin but spent a lot of my childhood in Co. Tipperary and Co. Meath. My family - like all families - have experienced both the sorrows and the joys of life. I feel that my life experiences have lead me to this moment where I am ready and excited to share your special, intimate and most profound days with you.

The Memories and Milestones that bring our lives together through the happy and the sad times.


I promise by closely listening to your ideas, your hopes and your wishes, together we will craft the perfect ceremony.

Wedding Table

Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is the union of two individuals who have fallen in love and have committed to sharing their life together. It is a day of celebration of love in the presence of their family and friends.


I provide a bespoke wedding ceremony for those couples who are looking for an alternative to a traditional service. It will be personalised and created entirely to your wishes and will represent exactly who you are as a couple and the life you want to share together.

As a civil celebrant I am unable to carry out the legal formalities of marriage. However, this is a very straightforward process.

Click here for civil registration services.


Vow Renewal Ceremony

When a couple have been married for a long time, shared many life experiences and their love has grown stronger through all the joy, challenges and laughter, they may now wish to reaffirm the bond of their love together by renewing their wedding vows.

This is a very different experience than their first wedding ceremony, as their love for each other has grown and blossomed over time into a beautiful life experience, shared together. The couple may wish to renew their vows on a significant milestone wedding anniversary.
This Vow Renewal Ceremony can be an intimate gathering in the presence of your loved ones who have watched your love grow stronger over the years. This very special celebration is a day where you can share a lifetime of memories through joy and love, with family and friends.


Funeral Service

I will offer you a funeral service which will reflect the life of your loved one. In consultation with you and your family the service will represent everything in the way you wish your loved one to be remembered in order to mark their life with you and to honour their passing.


I promise to listen to all your memories and stories and I will tailor the funeral service exactly to your needs. If you wish, the service can combine elements of religious and non-religious readings, poetry and music that symbolise your loved one.


By carefully listening to your words, if you would like me to, I will craft a Eulogy which will depict all aspects of your loved one’s life.

Image by Mitchel Boot

Memorial Service

Given the current circumstances, you may wish to hold a memorial ceremony in honour of your loved one to celebrate their life, helping to mark their passing with family and friends who may not have been able to attend the funeral.


In deep consultation with you and other close family members, we will craft the perfect ceremony that portrays all aspects of your loved one and the life that you and your family have shared with them.


This may help to comfort you and help ease the pain of your loss, knowing your loved one brought much love and joy to so many people.

Baby Toes

Naming Ceremony

This naming ceremony is for those who are looking to mark the celebration of the wonderful new addition to your family.


As an alternative to a religious christening, this will be a joyous gathering of family and friends to mark your child’s beginning of life, filled with hope and love.


I will work together with you and your family to create an intimate ceremony to represent your family values. You can include as many children and family members as you wish to bring everyone together on this memorable occasion.

Beach Deck

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege

it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love”

- Marcus Aurelius

The Process

I will do everything in my power to help make the process as simple as possible.


Once you get in touch with me, I will promise to take care of your every need and desire to create the perfect ceremony/service.


By listening to you intensively, each ceremony/service will be tailored to your specific wishes. Through dialogue and collaboration, we will carve out and create exactly what
you hope for from the day.



Phone: 00 353 86 246 5580


Thank you for message. I'll get back to you soon.

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